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How To Find A Reliable Office 365 IT Support Company In Liverpool?

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It is challenging to manage Office 365 from large organizations and SMEs if you don’t have a proper support team. But hiring a support team means spending a significant amount of money every month. Instead, you can hire a reliable Office 365 IT support company that can manage your 365 accounts regularly.

Office 365 IT Support Company in Liverpool?

Microsoft Office 365 ImageThe primary job of an Office 365 IT support company is to deliver your immediate goals and also free up your IT department’s time and resources, leading them to focus on jobs that improve your company’s productivity. But how will you find a reliable company in Liverpool? What are the characteristics you should look for? Here’s a guide that can help.

1. Rapid response times

The Office 365 support company’s primary aim should be to dramatically improve your SLA and reduce your downtime with prioritized Microsoft support. This should involve detailed help from Microsoft Partner of the year, including both Code and Content. Discuss with the support team regarding the average response time. Compare it with other companies. Hire the one that offers the fastest response time.

2. Dedicated Office 365 specialists

Does the company in Liverpool have dedicated Office 365 specialists? Do they hold training certificates? Ask these questions before you hire someone. A reliable company should have ITIL-trained analysts and Microsoft experts available 24 x 7 over Skype, email, web portal, and telephone. They should be ready to listen to your requests, complaints, and also provide immediate solutions to reduce your downtime. Prompt response means the specialists know what they need to do. Their experience may prove worthy in improving your SLA.

3. Instant return on investment

Drive-end-user adoption is crucial to maintain a company’s IT department. But it’s often inconvenient for the IT team to juggle Office 365 priorities with drive-end-user adoption. You should let the Office 365 support company handle the latter because they will help to set up, manage, and also drive the employees to follow the Office 365 platform features efficiently. That will automatically reduce downtime and improve your SLA performance.

4. Technical account management

Apart from managing your Office 365 account’s features, the IT support team should send the duration of your contract from time to time. This helps to figure out how much the support team has achieved over a specific period. The Office 365 technical account manager works in tandem with your IT department to achieve various business goals. The manager is also responsible for address any technical challenges that your IT department may face.

5. Guidance and support

Office 365 often updates its features. Your employees may not be able to understand them. The IT support team should explain the features and their functions within the platform so that everyone can use Office 365 efficiently. They should also conduct comprehensive training programs to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Discuss the support system of the company before hiring them. It can make a huge difference in your company’s productivity.

6. Strategic planning

Office 365 support team keeps you ahead of others. You can take a step forward while your competitors still figure out what to do next. It is the key that unlocks your company’s success. The support team helps your plan and implement drive-user-adoption throughout your organization.

Every Office 365 IT support team offers remote support, comes with pre-defined SLAs, and service desk support.

Make sure you contact at least a few companies before hiring one. Many companies in Liverpool want to attract the attention of clients with their facilities. Take time in comparing to make sure that you hire a company that improves your company’s performance over time.